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On-Site Support and Oversight for establishing your PM CPMS OPL
B3 Systems started out in 1991 providing management and oversight to RCRA & TSCA Trial Burns. But direct consulting support has not been a primary business area for us in recent years. However that is starting to change. Because to the our PM spiking service for PM CEMS applications, we have gained an extensive amount of knowledge in a very short time on how they work and what it takes to make them work. Joining this knowledge with our overall experience from other compliance testing programs creates a great combination to help you though your CPMS testing program.

We can assist in any or all of the following areas:

   - Monitor Configuration & Setup
   - Program Design & Testing Conditions
   - On-Sight Oversight & Program Management
   - PM Spiking (if required)

Several of our services (e.g., PM Spiking + Program Oversight) may be able to be performed without additional on-site personnel, therefore providing a greater savings for you.Contact us with any questions and for assistance in esablishing your PM CPMS OPLs.

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3208-106 Spottswood Street 
Raleigh, NC 27615

Phone: 919-790-9090
Fax: 919-790-0550
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