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Chemical Spiking

Chemical Spiking

B3 Systems was the first company to provide chemical spiking services and established the QA standards for spiking programs. B3 Systems set the standard for chemical spiking in 1991 and has continued to raise the bar for quality and excellence ever since. B3 Systems' team provides the highest level of Experience, Resources and Capabilities.

We can handle solids, liquids or gases for all kinds of programs, including Hazardous Waste Compliance Tests, Non-hazardous Waste Combustors, Scrubber Efficiency, MACT Compliance, Process / Engineering Tests, Special Additive Testing, etc.


B3 Systems has successfully conducted over 1000 spiking programs since 1991. Our personnel have over 75 years combined experience in chemical spiking alone. If you include regulatory and process experience, then we have a total experience base of over 100 years. Most of which is hands-on field related experience.


B3 Systems builds and integrates it's own control and data acquisition systems, which allows us to make special modifications or considerations for each program. These tools allow B3 Systems to integrate special needs for you project.


B3 Systems can support multiple simultaneous spiking programs with our own people and equipment. We currently have a full-time staff of 6 personnel with field extensive experience, 14 metering skids and 3 PLC/DAC systems to support our chemical spiking client's.

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