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Baghouse Alarm Setup

Baghouse Alarm Setup

B3 Systems has almost 20 years of experience helping client's throught the alarm setup procedure. We have a strong understanding of the EPA methodology as well as baghouse operations.

Can You Defend Your Limits?

We can! And we stand behind our results.


Combining our filter operational experience with knowledge of EPA's requirements for setting bag leak detector (BLD) alarm limits is a perfect match. The result is the easiest way to set-up your broken bag leak detector alarms.
Contact us about setting up the alarm conditions for your system.


Over the last 20 years, B3 Systems has developed programs and algorithms to handle the special conditions surrounding BLD alarm setup and evaluation. Yet we still run into situations where is just takes man-hours of manual evaluation to get to the results.

In many cases, we also help identify filter related issues for our client's. So call us the next time you have questions about the BLD alarm setup for you baghouse or filter.

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