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PM CPMS Alarm established
using PM Spiking
Establish Alarm Setpoints using PM Spiking for PM CPMS Devices
B3 Systems has a US Patent for a method using direct injection, or spiking, of PM to calibrate PM emission monitoring devices. This method was developed for the PM CEMS market, however it can also be used to elevate the PM at any facility for establishing alarm setpoints for particulate matter continuous parametric monitoring system (PM CPMS) devices.

There have been several different methods proposed for setting alarms on PM CPMS units across different EPA Rules. Depending on the method for setting the alarm limit for your PM CPMS unit, PM Spiking can provide several benefits. Some of the benefits include:

   - Better PM response curve
   - No work to sabotage PM control devices
   - Mass metering of your PM to obtain best limit
   - and did we mention less chance of compliance issues

The concept of PM CPMS devices seemed simple and straight forward, but a paper and presentation, links provided in the right side bar, prepared for the International Conference on Thermal Treatment Technologies and Hazardous Waste Combustors (IT3/HWC) in 2013 revealed that it may not be as simple as it appears. The paper compared the different methods of establishing alarm setpoints proposed by EPA under different rules. The base dataset used for the paper was generated by RMB Consulting & Research, Inc. (RMB). The RWM results indicated the potential of being in alarm a high percentage of the time. But based on B3 Systems' knowledge and experience of PM CEMS response, this is not makes sense to us. Therefore we investigated a little further using some internal data from a PM CEMS correlation program.

B3 Systems developed a method for introducing measured amounts of your native PM into the off-gas stream to increase the PM concentration without affecting your control equipment.

How It Works
The PM Spiking operation is exactly the same as we use for PM CEMS, but it is just being applied to PM CEMS units. We provide the same level of accuracy and control. More information on our patented PM Spiking method can be obtained on the PM CEMS page.

Special Note: Unlike Performance Specification 11 (PS11) for PM CEMS, setting alarms for most PM CPMS units does not specifically state that you can detune your system or use PM Spiking. Therefore you may have to get approval prior to setting the alarm levels if you plan either of these activities.

If you want more information, please give us a call or send an email to sales @ b3systems.com.

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