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Broken Bag Leak Detectors
Features Scout Titan Sentinel
Unit Type
Dust Sensing Technology Dynamic Induction™

Loop Powered

Analog Ouput

Alarm Relay

Rolling Average Calculations

Alarming Functions

Alarm Delay Functions

Modbus RTU

Modbus TCP

Zero / Span Electronic Drift Check

Rod Isolation checks

Digital Display


Multi-Channel Capable

Local Data Storage
(dust reading,alarm history)

Remote Access

Wireless RF Communications

Ethernet Options (Ethernet/IP,
Modbus TCP, others)

- Features, Functions & Capabilities - Standard and Optional
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Brief Product Descriptions
Scout Dust Sensor Scout Dust Sensors    
The Scout dust sensor is named after the first NASA rockets. This dust sensor use Dynamic Induction™ to sense dust and provides the user with an analog output relative to the dust.  The end user can define the dust monitoring range and and alarm setpoint as a percentage of the monitoring range by using the on-oard dip switches.

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Titan Dust Sensor Titan Dust Sensors    
The Titan series is our flagship family of dust sensors that have the most advanced features of any sensor on the market today. The Titan sensors all utilize Dynamic Industion™ technology to sense dust. The Titans have the most advanced circuitry with digital signal processing (DSP). They operate with the power of an embedded PLC that provides two (2) RS485 ports with Modbus RTU.

You also can select different features to meet your specific needs. Each Titan is equiped with an RJ45 connector that can be used to to provide Ethernet communications, Modbus TCP, directly to the sensor. Other options includes a fully-automatic electronic drift check (EDC) which is quality assurance (QA) check on the dust sensing circuitry and is required to be conducted monthly under US EPA bag leak detector guidance. A patented rod isolation check (RIC) provides an additional QA check as well as being a predictive maintenance check by measuring the build-up between the sensing rod and the process wall. This feature virtually eliminates unnecessary maintenance inspections.

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Sentinel Sentinel Product Family    
The Sentinel product line, just like the name suggests, is a guardian and overseeing of it's domain or process. Sentinel's are specific to the application and can be provide user interface, data logging for compliance or diagnostics, alarm / event logging and even control. A Sentinel can communicate with muultiple Titan sensors to create a robust monitoring system for either advanced process or compliance.

The Sentinel dramatically reduces user integration and implementation costs by doing all of the monitoring and alarming. The Ethernet communication option, for multiple sensor applications, dramatically reduces intallations costs versus analog and the additional monitoring of QA paramters reduces on-going maintenance by eliminating unnecessaary field inspections.

Each Sentinel unit comes with the ability to remotely access the unit, via VNC. VNC allows you the same capabilities as if you were standing infront of it, except from your own desk.

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