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Broken Bag Leak Detectors
Features EMP6 G6-E G6-P
Technology A/C Coupled
Air Purge
Loop Powered      
Alarms Relays
4-20 mA
Bar Graph    
Digital Display  
Zero / Span Drift Check - Semi-Auto
Zero / Span Drift Check - Full Auto    
Multi-Channel Capable  
Modbus RTU
Modbus ASCII  
Local Data Storage
(dust reading,alarm history)
Remote Access  
Wireless RF Communications  
Ethernet Options (Ethernet/IP,
Modbus TCP, HTML)
Includes B3 Systems Enhancements --- Enhancements by B3 Systems Enhancements by B3 Systems
- Features, Functions & Capabilities - Standard and Optional
A/C == A/C Coupled TriboElectric
Customzed Systems Available on Request
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Brief Product Descriptions
Sentinel G6.4 Sentinel G6.4 ™    
The Sentinel G6.4 is specifically configured to work with either G6-E and G6-P units to provide advanced filter monitoring. Each Sentinel G6.4 unit can network with up to four (4) devices. Each Sentinel has options for Ethenret communications (Modbus TCP & Ethernet/IP), web browser interface and analog outputs.

The Sentinel dramatically reduces user integration and implementation costs by doing all of the monitoring and alarming. The Ethernet communication option, for multiple sensor applications, dramatically reduces intallations costs versus analog and the additional monitoring of QA paramters reduces on-going maintenance by eliminating unnecessaary field inspections.

Adobe acrobat icon  Download G6.4 Brochure (373kb) 
G6-Plus G6-Plus (G6-P)  
The G6-Plus provides all of the features and capabilities of the G6-E plus it provides fully automated Zero & Span drift checks. These checks are performed per EPA guidance to meet the compliance monitoring requirements. The remote QA checks also save diagnostics and maintenance time for processing montioring applications.

B3 Systems developed this unit based on specific market requests.

Adobe acrobat icon  Download G6-P Brochure (315kb)
G6-Enhanced G6-Enhanced (G6-E)  
The G6-Enhanced was developed by B3 Systems to provide additional features and capabilities to the Goyen Active Head. The G6-E allows the units to operate on a standard 24 vdc power source and provides 2 user configurable rolling averages channels for the dust reading. All drift check results are stored in Modbus registers to remote monitoring and logging. The G6-E communicates on an RS485 network with either Modbus RTU or ASCII protocols.

Adobe acrobat icon  Download G6-E Brochure (311kb)

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