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About Us
B3 Systems is a field services and system integration company started in Houston, Texas in 1991. We relocated the business to Raleigh, North Carolina in 1993.

B3 Systems was the first company to provide spiking or injection services commercially. Our approach that "Quality drives the project" set the standard within B3 Systems. Due to the specialty or niche business areas we operate in, we have evolved our business areas over time. The development of our PLC based controls and data aquisition systems to meet the demanding needs of our spiking services, has create a skill set that is tranferrable to many other areas.

In the mid 1990's we took our PLC knowledge allow with our regulatory knowledge and entered into the continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) business. We were very successful with our specific projects, but had entered the market too late to reap the benefits of system installations. However the knowledge of the systems from most manuafcturers developed into a service. We still provide maintanance services for many of our client's CEMS with service contracts and emergancy call-out services. After a few client's approached us with small process control projects in the late 1990's, we found the another area of expansion for our skills.

All of this previous experience folded together when we began integrating bag leak detector systems into plants in 2001. The systems met the MACT Regulations as well as provided filter optimization and diagnostics. The first systems utilized PCME Ltd.'s DT990 sensor connecting across multiple protocols to meet the plant's PLC/DCS communication standard. The success of these early systems lead us to becoming the national distributor for PCME Ltd. in the USA in 2003. To capitalize on their name recognition, a division of B3 Systems (PCME-US) was formed to market their products. B3 Systems was successful in penetrating the US market for PCME. This success is punctuated by the fact the B3 Systems was the awarded the Gold Award for being the #1 distributor in the world for PCME during the years 2005/2006 & 2006/2007. In 2007/2008, we received the bronze award for 3rd place.

The one thing that is a constant in a small business is change and keeping up with the moving markets. 2010 was a year of change at B3 Systems where; PCME moved their US distribution in a different direction, B3 Systems performed their first full-scale PM Spiking operation for calibrating PM CEMS and also developed a working relationship with TYCO Envinronmental/Goyen Valve.

The PM spiking business continued to grow and became a larger part of the business. It was a good match to the chemical spiking service because they operated on different cycles. But it allowed us the opportunity to take a crash course in pnuematic conveying and solids handling. This resulted in B3 Systems writing some of their own custom control algorithms to meet specific control needs. We also began integrating Goyen's products into our own systems in an effort to fill a void in the dust monitoring and baghouse control market.

In 2015 the owners of B3 Systems formed Dust Company, Inc. (DustCo). The goal was to make DustCo the product manufacturer while B3 Systems remained a service company. DustCo's focus is on all things dust monitoring and control, which has allowed B3 Systems to combine our previous experience and knowledge into DustCo's products. DustCo holds several patents realted to dust monitoring and control.

B3 Systems is first and foremost a service company, even when a product is involved. We believe that a product dropped off on your door step is just an expense. But if we can integrate that product for you and provide you value, then you have a savings.

Enjoy our website and see all the ways that we can help you with your monitoring and control needs. Please feel free to call or email us with your specific requests.

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3208-106 Spottswood Street 
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